You can't always get what you want...

Well, as it turns out, there are no puppies. Betty had me convinced based on her behavior that she was pregnant, but the xrays don't lie. No puppies. :-( I knew false pregnancies were not unusual with newfs...just didn't think we'd be dealing with one on her second chance at having pups. She even gained weight, just never got as round in the belly as the last time. I had convinced myself it was maybe just a small litter, but it was still odd we hadn't seen the same physical changes. So...when the vet called to tell me no was a disappointment, but not a shock.

I've contacted everyone on the waiting list, so please check your email/messages.

The next opportunity for a litter will be near the end of the year. She'll cycle in October, for pups due in December, to go home late Feb/Early March.

Something about cookies and crumbles. Fingers crossed for the next round!

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