Update - No Pregnancy

Friends, I'm sorry to tell you there is no pregnancy this cycle. I will be better at updating here as we go along, but we will plan a litter for the April cycle, but will likely be using a stud, as Sherman is likely the issue. I'm so disappointed, as I was really looking forward to having puppies again this fall. On the bright side, now I can put our tree up without having to worry about puppies attacking it! ;-)

That said, as we evaluate stud dogs, I know I've had one request for brown puppies, which Betty is a carrier for brown, so if we find a brown stud, there is a good possibility. It will just depend on finding that right male! I will update once we've selected a stud, so you can all evaluate his health and lineage if you choose to do so. We can't ever guarantee - litters are like a box of chocolates! ;-)

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