Life is what happens while you're making other plans!

Hey All! For those who are enjoying your new puppies - I'm hoping you've got plans last week or this week to do their next vaccination! I know you're all in the thick of it with potty training, and from what I've heard, to various degrees of success! I, for my part, and RIGHT THERE with you! We got our pug Mongo right before the puppies were born, so Mongo is about 8 weeks older than the pups. Well...housebreaking went out the window when the puppies were here, because he was vastly confused by them pottying in the puppy box/pen when he was expected to go out, so he would just run up to the tarp next to them, and pee there. SO....we're working on it. But that also started at the same time as the SUPER cold snap, with windchills in the WAY below zero range. And for a lil' pug with no newf fur? TOO cold! LOL. Work in progress!

Also - AKC registrations should be coming your way this week - I had hoped to have them all done already, but my charming husband had a couple of health scares this past week that pretty much shoved everything else to the side. SO those are forthcoming!

I also sent invitation to everyone whose email I have on file for the facebook group to keep up with the pups! Hopefully you'll all join there, so you can see all of the littermates grow. Samson's family suggested we get that going, and I hope you'll all post pics so we can stay in touch!

If you don't have the invitation, let me know and I'll send it on!

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