Catching up! (Pregnancy?)

Hey Friends! It has been a MINUTE since I've updated here, and I apologize for that! We've had a lot going on this year, between job changes, caring for family members with Covid (whilst trying to not catch it ourselves!), kids moving back in, yadda yadda yadda.

That said, I am so excited our first litter is coming up on their birthday in about 6 weeks, and I want to put together a slide show or at least a post of the great pictures I've received this year from all of our puppy families! I love seeing the puppies as they grow, and even more - I love seeing that the personality I saw in them while they were with us for the first 8-12 weeks is still present! Bailey (who was called June in our litter) is still funny and playful. Moose (who was called Angus), is still VERY talkative, according to his family! It's just so fun to see that.

And in future news, we did have a confirmed mating a little over a week ago. Some of you may remember we thought they mated in April, but that was a false pregnancy, unfortunately. I will be checking in earlier with the vet this time. We've not done blood tests to confirm pregnancy previously, but because of the issue in April, I want to know for sure before we open up deposits. I do have two spoken for carrying over from the April breeding, the list will be open. Take home date will be very similar to the first litter, with the current due date actually being between 11/29 and 12/3 - which the last litter was born 11/29! So I guess if nothing else, Betty's predictable!

So that's the latest news. I'll update more when we have a pregnancy confirmation, and then again on the first litter's birthday!


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