Almost like Christmas eve!!

Tomorrow is the big day...the day we confirm *if* Betty is pregnant, and if so, we try to count all the little babies rollin' around inside. Now - I can say compared to this time last litter, she does NOT look the same. Her behavior says pregnant, but her size says maybe not, so we are thinking PERHAPS she is pregnant with a smaller number. Tomorrow we will know! Our vet is awesome, and I get to drop her off first thing in the morning, and then wait with baited breath for them to call me when they are done (probably by like 11AM-ish Central time). I'll probably get the Facebook page updated first, but I'll get an update out here as soon as I can.

Waiting List:


  1. Lehner

  2. Parks


  1. .

  2. .

  3. .

Gender not selected:

  1. Edwards

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