Blacksage's Bitchin' Betty

Betty is the foundation of our kennel.  She became a member of our family in 2018, just before the 4th of July.  She is approximately 120 lbs, extremely athletic, and incredibly smart!  She can open doors, escape kennels, and outsmart even the fastest squirrel.  Betty is entirely black apart from a few random hairs of white on her back paws.  

<<Formal pictures to come>>


Blacksage's Sherman Tank

Sherman is the proud papa of our first litter, but will be retiring shortly there after.  Sherman is a big guy at around 180 lbs, with a massive broad head, and the sweetest disposition you've ever encountered.  Sherman is the social butterfly of the two, and loves nothing more than to take quick runs around the block to greet all the neighbors and say high to all the other dogs.  If you've ever heard someone say a person "Doesn't have a mean bone in their body", that would be an accurate description of Sherman.  He is friends with every dog he meets, large or small!  His two best friends are a pug and a corgi!  He very gently lays down to 'even the playing field' for them!  His sweet, laid-back demeanor is already evident in several of his puppies!

<<professional pictures to come>>