About us

After years of dreaming, researching, and admiring the breed, we took the leap almost three years ago into life with newfoundlands. While we had a history as co-owners with a breeder of a different breed, the change to newfs meant learning about a whole new set of health concerns, behavioral traits, and potential recreational activities!  

Our puppies come from health tested parents, and are born and raised in our home, where they are exposed to lots of household noises and are part of daily family life. They will come to you pre-loved, vetted, and ready to add love and laughter to your home for many years to come! 

Tracy is the main dog handler of our kennel.  She grew up wanting to become a vet, and worked for several years at a local vet office, worked at the zoo, and also worked as a dog groomer.  If she thought all of these things prepared her for being owned by newfoundlands, she was wrong!  While Tracy now works in IT for her "day job", her passion is her dogs, which right now includes our two newfoundlands, our long coat German Shepherd, and our latest addition, a pug.  When she isn't cuddling the puppies, Tracy is usually cleaning up after the dogs, grooming the dogs, walking the dogs, or trying to convince Zack that dogs should be allowed on the bed.

Zack is the chief architect and dreamer behind BlackSage Kennels.  While Tracy is the one who thinks of things she'd like to do, and comes up with a million reasons not to, Zack is the one who says "Why not?  Let's give it a try!" and thus, BlackSage Kennels was born!

We won't list them out here, but we also have five kids who are actively involved in helping with our dogs.  While most of the kids are older and have moved away, our youngest was actively involved in delivering our first litter, and will be involved in any going forward.  She "named" most of the puppies (so we don't have to refer to them by collar color) and is almost always found holding one of the pups. 

But enough about us!  For information on our newfie parents, you can read the Our Newfoundlands page.  For additional information on the breed, keeping their coat maintained, the importance of obedience training, and breed clubs, see the links below.

Tracy's favorite newfie blog:  My Brown Newfies